Customer Testimonials

Saitama Mountainside Tour


We went to tour the mountainous countryside of Saitama by scooter for a full day! It was chilly and cool in the mountains. We enjoyed a nice breeze while looking at the beautiful scenery, and we took a break at a lovely cafe in the mountains. It was fun ☆

Yukiko Tsukamoto

Mt. Dodaira, Nagatoro Tour

Thank you Jeremy for such a wonderful day. I never thought such nature and wildlife life could be found so near to central Tokyo. Jeremy was very informative of the history of the area. Touring with Japan Rural Tours opened our eyes to the formation of modern Japan. The views were breathtakingly stunning. I highly recommend this tour to all.

David and Chris Evans, Australia.

North Sickle Lake Tour

Jeremy met us at Sakado to take us on a wonderful tour of the mountains. I loved the old temples, mountains and the views. The Bamboo Temple was my favorite. Just the drive through the forest to get to the temple made the tour worthwhile. Thank you Jeremy for an interesting day.

Rachel Abidi, London, UK.

Black Mountain Three Falls Tour

I loved the Iwana fish by the waterfall. It was really a time slip with all the old temples and thick forest. Thank you Jeremy for an interesting tour.

Hatty Conwell, NSW, Australia.