Moroyama Machi

Moroyama Machi is a small town in the mountains of western Saitama only 46 minutes away from central Tokyo. It is situated near Hanno, Ogose and Chichibu. Moroyama is famous for its lake, Kamakitako or “North Sickle Lake” where people come to fish for carp through out the year.

The lake is famous for the beauty of its reds and yellows in the autumn.

And for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

Beneath Kamakita lake is Shukuya Falls. Its is a popular picnic spot and swimming place for the locals throughout the year. Shukuya falls is famous for its fireflies in the humid nights of the rainy season.

The main river is the Oppei river, running straight through the town and the rice paddies surrounding.

Moroyama used to be famous for its silk but this has been replaced by the cultivation of yuzu, a mild lemon squeezed on fish, made into jams and also put into the bath at the end of the year.