The Heat Of Mid Summer

In the heat of summer we enjoy rhe gorgeous views from Mount Dodaira.

IMG 0292

Watch birdmen paragliding in the skies

IMG 0301

Pay our respects to the Daruma Temple.

IMG 0303

Enjoy lunch at the Han

IMG 0308

Eat iwana fish at Black Mountain Three Falls.

IMG 0310

Visit the Mountain Cat Cafe .

IMG 0315

Enjoy the views from Bella Vista restaurant .

IMG 0317

Encounter mysterious Jizo at the Bamboo Temple

IMG 0319

And fierce Myoo.

Visit the Abbot of the Bamboo Temple.

IMG 0328

Climb higher up to the main temple.

IMG 0330

And pay our respects.

IMG 0336

IMG 0341

Are welcomed by a friendly cat at the Korean Shrine, Koma Jinja.

IMG 0343

IMG 0348

IMG 0351

And pay our respects.

IMG 0362

And visit an old farmhouse.

IMG 0368

Picnic On Mount Dodaira

IMG 9850

We choose our lunch picnic spot, astounded with the view apon us..

IMG 9856

He strolls off the edge of the green hill to make sure our picnic spot is safe and returns with an A okay. We lunch and look at flying people.

We head to the Buddhist temple of the cow.

IMG 9861

Stand proud with the god of the cow.

IMG 9863

Say hello to people who have come from very far to enjoy the delicious noodles made by a monk that really is the Star Wars Yoda.

IMG 9865

We enjoy the thatched home of the Yoda monk.

IMG 9867
IMG 9869

And head up further through the grounds of the temple.

IMG 9874

To the entrance of the temple on top of the mountain.

IMG 9876

He is very very happy to see this temple.

IMG 9880

The temple is thouusands of years old. Heian period.

IMG 9887

We wash our hands in water to purify ourselves before paying our respects.

IMG 9894

Admire the Hindu god of the cow.

IMG 9897

And go to the god of the sandals. Protecting all the hikers who have trod far to the sandal temple.

IMG 9904

We are greeted with fearce warriors of faith.

IMG 9905

And enter the temple of sandals.

IMG 9908

The sandals are gold. Glittering and welcoming tired travelers from the mountains.

IMG 9910

She showed her true glory.

IMG 9912

As she gazed on the golden sandals of the weary traveller.

IMG 9921

We see the love you tell us.

IMG 9924

The love thats sounds from your mountain bells.

IMG 9927

We look back to the temple.

IMG 9929

And understand. Truly understand.

IMG 9931

How beautiful life really is.

Barbecue, Mountain Picnic, Dragon Temple, Mountain Cat Cafe

After an evening barbecue in the rice paddies we woke early to glorious weather

IMG 9747
IMG 9750
IMG 9752

And headed to the top of the mountains for a picnic lunch.

IMG 9755
IMG 9758

After lunch we watched men become birds.

IMG 9765
IMG 9767

Travelled through thick forest, gurgling mountain streams and flowers.

IMG 9770
IMG 9775
IMG 9778

Skimmed rocks over mountain streams.

IMG 9782
IMG 9785
IMG 9787
IMG 9790
IMG 9793

Paid our respects to the Dragon Taming Temple.

IMG 9799
IMG 9804
IMG 9806

Dined on the sneaky Iwana fish at Black Mountain Waterfalls.

IMG 9812
IMG 9815
IMG 9819
IMG 9823

Travelled through thick forest to end the day relaxing in the Mountain Cat Cafe with the birds.

Azalea Shrine and Noodles with The Forest Cat Spirit Tottoro.

Today we headed into the mountains, passed the glorious shrine of azaleas.

IMG 9689

The first shrine is an abandoned rice storage hut that was converted into a shrine. Tufts of rice seedlings from last year decorate the entrance.

We climbed the stairs to the main shrine.

IMG 9693

We paid our respects.

IMG 9695

Passed flowery spirit house on the way down and headed for noodles for lunch.

IMG 9699

The noodle or udon shop is an old farm house, 160 years old. It was owned by a rice farmer. Many people go on a temple pilgrimage in this area and stop by for lunch.

IMG 9701

Beside the farm house is a statue of Tottoro, a Japanese cat forest spirit.

IMG 9703
IMG 9707

Tottoro looking apon the farmers tending to their crops.

IMG 9709
IMG 9713

Inside is very peaceful with very old Japanese enka music playing in the background.

IMG 9715

The noodles here are one of the best in the area. People queue up to eat here. We came a little early to escape the crowds. Delicious!!!

IMG 9717

After lunch we headed back deeper and higher into the mountains and enjoyed the gorgious views. A wonderful day.

Flying in the sky at the end of the cherry blossoms.

Today we headed into flowery wonderland of spring, Japan.

IMG 9577

To the hots springs of Tanaka Kakuei’s favorite bathing spot when he tried to escape ruptures in the Japanese government and relax.

IMG 9579

Past the pussy willow. The Japanese call it Yuki Yanagi or snow willow.

IMG 9581

Down through blossoms of snow flowers and peach.

IMG 9583

To a very naughty young man who likes to hold his penis in front of all to see.

After greeting the very naughty young man, we relax to the gushing sounds of cool water running over moss rocks.

IMG 9589

watch water gushing from the dragon bridge.

IMG 9590

Watch the male and female waterfalls gush by the dragon bridge

IMG 9593

Enjoy the spring sun light.

IMG 9598

Enjoy the smoke

IMG 9600

and the smells or Japans most delicious fish.

IMG 9609

The very sneaky Iwana.

IMG 9611


IMG 9614


IMG 9616

Vist the ancient temple

IMG 9618

And pay respect to the past

IMG 9620

Talk to the carp who have human telepathy and head higher into mountains.

IMG 9628

So high you can touch the sky, looking on small farming villages below.

IMG 9634

Flying high

IMG 9637

And touching the sky.

IMG 9647

Returning to the ancient lake

IMG 9648

and watch the men catch carp as aswan boat drifts by.

IMG 9657

Head deeper into the forest with gurgling streams

IMG 9659

To Shukuya falls. Sit back and take the beauty of nature in.

IMG 9664

Head back to a farm house.

IMG 9666

And enjoy dinner.

Lion Falls And Shukuya Falls.

IMG 9504

Bless with fine weather we drove through the flowered villages...

IMG 9507

Passed sacred shrines and spirit houses…..

IMG 9512

To the Lion falls, hidden in the forest.

IMG 9518

We stopped by Lake Kamakita...

IMG 9521

It is still in full bloom..

IMG 9524

Enjoyed a salmon lunch box...

IMG 9527

Enjoyed the flowers….

IMG 9536

Watched men fish for carp….

IMG 9552

Continued to enjoy the flowers...

IMG 9558

And made our way through thick forest to Shukuya falls..

IMG 9560

Paid our respect to the god of the falls...

IMG 9566

And the gods of the forest.

Lake Kamikita In Full Bloom.

IMG 9470

Kamakita lake is in full bloom.

IMG 9488

A rice storage house converted into a little home near the lake.

IMG 9493

Enjoying the flowers.

IMG 9494

And flowers.

IMG 9496

And more flowers.

IMG 9475

Catching many fish.

IMG 9477

Lake Kamakita.

IMG 9481

Lake Kamakita.

Early Spring In Moroyama

IMG 9323

Enjoyed this Japanese lunch by the lake. The cherry blossoms are only 30 percent.

IMG 9325
IMG 9329
IMG 9330
IMG 9333

Drove past farms and flowers in the countryside. The glory of spring is apon us. Yippee !!